Twelve tips for healthy teeth

12 tips, what to avoid and what to do to keep healthy teeth!

Doctors already proved that the piercing mouth adversely affects the teeth. Here are 12 tips that still need to be avoided and how to keep your teeth healthy.

  1. Regular visits to the dentist. Once a year, you need to be screened by a dentist.
    The doctor in time to identify the disease and begin to deal with it.
  2. Daily brush your teeth. Twice a day – in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before going to bed – it is necessary to brush your teeth for about 2-3 minutes. Stubble is better to choose medium hardness. Every 2 months you need to change the brush.
  3. Buy 3 brushes and dental floss. These seem to be superfluous devices simply need teeth!
    They can clear gaps between teeth, preventing tooth decay.
  4. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride enhances stability of dental enamel and inhibits the growth of bacteria on the tooth surface.
  5. Eat a balanced way. Natural unrefined foods, whole wheat bread, fresh fruit and vegetables (5 servings a day) – supply the teeth and teeth the important nutrients and minerals.
  6. Follow the drinking regime. Heavy drinking increases the production of saliva, which is good for the enamel.
  7. Do not eat sweet cakes / pastries, sweets and avoid bread made from white flour. They increase the acid content in the mouth, contributing to the growth of bacteria.
  8. Do not drink sugar-containing drinks (cola, lemonade, alcohol). They have a detrimental effect on tooth enamel.
  9. Do not brush your teeth immediately after ate or drank sour citrus juice. Prior to this, it is necessary to rinse your mouth and wait.
  10. Do not get involved in fast food and soft food. Products made from white flour jaw lazy.
  11. No smoking. Smoking products fall in blood vessels and the gums – through the lungs – the blood. The components of tobacco smoke blood circulation in the gums, cause atrophy of the mucous membrane of the gums. Accelerates the formation of tartar, gingivitis, and develop chronic periodontitis. In addition, the nicotine gum and teeth do yellow.
  12. Do not be nervous. Stress reduces the resistance of the immune system and increases the risk of developing periodontal disease and caries. And stress is born bruxism (teeth grinding) leads to tooth mobility and loss.