The use of silver for human health

The use of silver for human health

Three doubt, many have heard of the benefits of silver for human health. Even in churches, when a baby is baptized, a silver cross is always given.

Also very often children get a present which is a silver spoon. All this is not just for fun. Silver, which is the second most precious metal, does not yield to the beauty of gold, and even more so on the benefits for human health.

But how exactly does it affect the general state of the body? Is it suitable for everyone? What exactly can heal? Let’s talk more about this.

Many remember the situation from childhood, when with blows or bruises, a silver object or a coin was applied to the affected area. Also, in order to purify water, a silver spoon could be placed in the glass.

Just this metal has the property of disinfection. In its pure form, without any additives and impurities, it will never darken in the fresh air. If the silver ware that was stored in the open space has acquired a dark color, then there are harmful substances in the air.

  • If the jewelry made of silver darkens directly in the process of wearing it, it means that its owner has any health problems. First of all, one should take up the thyroid gland in this case.
  • Often, she thus tells the outside world about some malfunctions in her work. Also, silver obscured by the owner can give out the fact that he used alcohol and there is a certain degree in his body.
  • Scientists who have conducted a number of studies on silver have long established the fact that this precious metal has the ability to improve the microflora of the human body. It “works” in such a way that it eliminates harmful contaminated microflora and establishes useful. The use of silver for health
  • The same studies have confirmed the fact that silver has the ability to eliminate and neutralize the viruses-pathogens of many deadly diseases.
  • This bactericidal feature is due to the fact that silver ions penetrate, so to speak, into the epicenter of the virus itself and destroy it from the inside.
  • In comparison with furatsilinom and potassium permanganate, silver is more powerful by almost four times this factor. If you compare it with carbolic acid, then over 1,500 times.
  • Silver is also known for its ability to lower body temperature. Therefore, it is actively used for fever, chills and viral diseases. Do this with jewelry.
  • The patient is put on more trinkets on the fingers and other parts of the body. He is also given to drink water from a silver bowl. If one is not available, then a silver spoon or other device made of this metal is placed in a container with water.
  • Silver disinfects water, kills all kinds of microbes, viruses, bacteria. Water becomes crystal clear in all senses. Having drunk such a liquid, you will fill your stomach with an extremely useful liquid.
  • Concerning this fact, even in ancient times, it was noticed that the generals who drank water from silverware were sick much less often than ordinary soldiers who drank from a container of standard material.

But with drinking from silver dishes you have to be extremely cautious. Because this metal has a property to accumulate in the human body. This is very bad for the liver and its normal functioning.

Therefore, it is better to wear some decoration than to pour a silvered liquid into yourself. Silver water only slows the development of bacteria, but does not kill them completely.

It is necessary to wear them when:

1) frequent headaches; silver glasses

2) visual impairment;

3) increased sweating;

4) diseases of the nervous system;

5) problems with the cardiovascular system;

6) problems of a urological nature.

It is proved that silver has a positive effect on the work of the heart. When wearing ornaments from this metal, during contact with the body of a person, there is a small and almost imperceptible impulse.

It then charges the heart, as well as other important organs with positive ions. Owners of silver jewelry rarely complain of headaches, less irritated, more calm and balanced.

Concerning the wearing of jewelry by a person, several facts remain undeniable. They are tested by many and really work. People who suffer from increased blood pressure should wear massive silver necklaces.

Silver ring on the index finger will help to eliminate wrinkles, as well as prevent their appearance in the near future. Also, it will make it possible to avoid problems with the digestive system and the intestine.