Teeth health

Today, we will understand how to keep your teeth healthy. In fact, it’s simple. All that has to do with the health of the teeth, just applies to the entire health of the organism as a whole. After all, if a person unhealthy teeth, their condition is only an indicator of the general poor health of the whole organism.

When we begin to care about the health of the whole organism, then we will be able to keep your teeth healthy for years.

In order to keep your teeth healthy you need to eat right. Eat alkaline and acid, preferably not thermally processed food, food that must be chewed. This will already be enough to keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

In fact, from that moment you can not read the article further, because I have already answered the question.

However, below I want to bring some rationale to this. And help us in this work of Herbert Shelton, a recognized expert on sustainable supply.

Let’s start with the chronological comparisons:

The history of dental health.

  • Archeologists and paleontologists have found skulls of long-dead people whose teeth have no symptoms of decay and enamel is almost twice as thick and much stronger than the enamel from the teeth of modern humans.
  • But in our progressive age, few people will be found teeth as healthy as that of the ancient people.
  • It causes a lot of questions among scientists, because dental technology have achieved in our time of considerable heights of the treatment and prosthetics.
    However, all this progress dentist moves to the fact that people will soon move to completely artificial teeth, like some of the stars of show business.
  • Year by year, dentists are becoming more and more, and their methods of treatment and care for the teeth of people are becoming more progressive and progressive. So at least the majority of the discoveries appear in modern dentistry.
  • However, despite the best efforts of a large army of dentists, aimed at creating all sorts of miracle brushes, pastes for massaging the gums, rinses and other oral dental wonders, dental health of people each year is steadily deteriorating.
  • Note that all of these dental miracles perfectly acclimatized in the commercial industry.
    But the average person these numerous commercial curiosities by the hour becomes easier. The average person had reached the point that his first permanent teeth – dentists call them six-year – already appear with holes inside …

Maybe from the elementary ignorance of such things such as:

  1.  Dental caries is a disease of the bone.
    After all teeth is one of the elements of the skeletal system. Tooth decay is the decay of the bones of the teeth. That is, the tooth bone defect has its own name – caries.
    Human skeletal system is a protein matrix filled with calcium compounds. When calcium is not enough, the bones begin to break or deform. Such deformation or bone loss may, depending on the location and type, called either osteoporosis or rickets, or tooth decay.
    But the reason for the destruction or deformation of bones, including teeth, one – the lack of mineral and vitamin nutrition bone.
  2.  Another person may not know that the teeth have a self-cleaning property. In practice, it occurs just what toothpaste and brushes we clean the surface of the teeth, which with proper nutrition can be cleaned by yourself.
    But toothbrush still misses the basic “pockets” of the jaw, which becomes inflamed and rotting.
    And the disease of permanent teeth, and abnormal development of the jaw, and the loss of the first teeth is one common cause – not eating right.

Myths about the origin of caries:

  • Scientists have studied the conditions in which there is destruction of the bone tissue of teeth – tooth decay. Tests were conducted at the beginning of animals and then in humans. It was found that the teeth of animals and humans equally responsive to the same experimental diet, proposed by scientists.
  • During the experiments it was found that the sugar and fruit acids do not harm healthy teeth. Healthy teeth that for months were placed in sugar solution or a fruit acid showed no evidence of erosion. This has been proven by Dr. E. X. Tyurisonom and other researchers.
    But these same agents – sugar, fruit acids, causing damage to the teeth when ingested into the body, thereby violating the metabolism.
  • Especially detrimental to the teeth turned refined sugar in solution in a liquid state in the form of a syrup. Therefore, in the use of sugar, particularly in the dissolved state, inside, it has a property to pull out the bone calcium.
  • Another group of experiments aimed to test the hypothesis that dental caries is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth.
  • All the experiments and Dr Hugh Hatch in the United States and George. McIntosh, W. James and Lazarus-Barlow in England, trying to cause dental caries by means of acid, ended inconclusively.
    The general conclusion of their research was that if the total human nutrition are normal, no experimental contrivances impossible to cause periodontal disease or tooth decay.

About Self-Healing teeth:

  • That was written a while ago, about a normal diet that protects our teeth, works not only for protection, but also for the restoration of teeth.
  • This means that damaged teeth tend to regenerate itself, although their self-healing has definite limits.
  • In particular Dr. Hugh, conducted experiments in terms of which the general physical condition and the condition of the teeth of animals brought to the grave condition. But the general condition of the animals, as well as the state of their teeth was restored, when they began to give food contains many vitamins and minerals of vegetables and fruits.

At the end of the article, I want to reiterate a point I have already expressed in other articles:

The destruction begins inside the body and teeth are no exception. Teeth, like all other tissues, organs and bones inside are powered primarily by the circulatory system.
Therefore, tooth decay usually develops from within, when the teeth lose their mineral salts of calcium.

Now that you understand a little bit to the merits of the issue, we can already ask yourself the question:

How to keep your teeth healthy?

  1.  Proper nutrition. The diet should include a lot of raw, untreated thermally, fruits and vegetables. Particular attention should be paid to vegetables containing calcium, of which there are many (such as spinach). Vegetables and fruits should be consumed in its original raw state (well washed) and not have to cook compotes, jams, jam or borscht, and so on. N.
  2.  Train teeth. No special, separate workout teeth is required. Teeth can be trained in the process of eating, by eating foods that require a good mouth feel. And this perfect again, raw fruits and vegetables.

Soft products that do not require operation of the teeth and jaw during chewing, contribute to the formation of dental caries. Pre-grated food – mashed potatoes – is appropriate to give except to those who can not chew it thoroughly, such as small children.
Solid, fibrous plant foods (eg carrots or dill) not only gives your teeth and gums need work, but also cleans the teeth. The teeth are cleaned themselves.
Thermally treated, preserved and refined food leaves the mouth and teeth are dirty.