Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas

Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas

The main symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation of pancreas, even in the present conditions is a huge problem, which can be solved only by joint efforts of the patient and his relatives and qualified doctors (surgeons or gastroenterologists). Without careful attention to their own health, you can run the pathological process to the state in which the only effective treatment becomes an immediate surgical intervention, and no doctor will be able to ensure its successful outcome.

Symptoms of pancreas inflammation can mimic the signs of a lesion of many organs, and not only the digestive tract, so the appearance of the slightest doubt should force the patient to consult a doctor, in the qualification and experience which he has no doubts. Timely identification of changes in the pancreas help avoid breaking the process of digestion, allergies and metabolic disorders in the body of the patient.

Most often the main causes of the development of any inflammatory process are:

  1. presence of gallstones, in which stones are destroying the wall of the bile duct;
  2. alcohol, spicy, fried and fatty foods;
  3. bad habits (smoking)
  4. disruption of normal motor activity (physical inactivity);
  5. chronic malnutrition mode.

In recent years, there has been a trend to an increase in pancreatitis cases of viral and bacterial origin. This is especially dangerous in that inflammation not localized in only iron and disperses throughout the body. Identify any inflammation of the pancreas only in the acute phase. remission period makes a person a false sense of their own health, as soon as the patient can sometimes disturb excessive sweating, diarrhea, disorders of digestion. With strong stress can greatly increase the body temperature.

The first symptoms

Keep in mind that for kids inflammatory pancreatic diseases are particularly dangerous, although there are not less than those of adults. The most common pancreatitis in children begins during transition periods or significant changes in, for example, in power: the introduction of artificial formulas, complementary foods, vaccination, teething, start visiting the kindergarten or school, adolescence.

Symptoms specific to pancreatic lesions:

  • fever;
  • pale skin;
  • vomiting, after which the patient does not become easier or occurs only temporary relief, and nausea;
  • acute zoster pain in the hypochondrium;
  • chills, sweating, weakness;
  • sense of tension anterior abdominal wall.

The first and main feature is the very characteristic pain. Symptoms, which remain unnoticed for a long time, inevitably accompanied by excessive production of enzymes that provoke swelling of body tissues. That is a sharp increase in the volume of the inflamed organ and the presence of very dense connective tissue capsule, as well as passing through the head of the pancreas fairly large nerve trunks become the cause of a sharp and constantly growing pains. Strong girdle pain usually decreases slightly when taking a certain position, often the patient is most convenient to sit, leaning body slightly forward.

During the acute period increases the overall body temperature, and other symptoms of pancreatitis occur. The reason for the sharp rise in temperature becomes absorption into the blood stream of toxic products from the damaged body cells. Total toxicity and provokes the appearance of painful vomiting, seizures that do not bring relief – this is different from the rest of pancreatitis inflammation of the digestive tract.

Inflammation of the pancreas – symptoms that definitely can be said about zabolevaniiPodobnye gland inflammation symptoms often indicate the development of acute pancreatitis, but talk about it only in the primary treatment to the doctor. If such symptoms were malaise, and again had to resort to professional assistance, then it is indicative of chronic pancreatitis may in the acute stage of the disease. On the possible pancreatitis may indicate a violation of the normal process of digestion in the gut – in its clearance is not received the enzymes needed for digestion that provokes the appearance of flatulence and bloating, which in a few hours joins acute diarrhea.

In some cases, it all starts with pain “in his stomach,” which appears in a couple of hours after a meal. The patient loses his appetite, he was concerned about headaches and dizziness. Taki signs testify already begun negative changes in the pancreas. Long-term digestive disorders, which in chronic pancreatitis there long enough, it becomes the cause of a slow but steady weight loss and malabsorption of vitamins quickly enough becomes the cause of beriberi, and symptoms of deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins occur faster than the manifestation of a lack of water-soluble vitamins and vitamin-like substances .

In that case, when the signs of inflammation occur acutely or repeat, do not engage in self – only treatment for medical assistance and carried out a survey on time will help clarify the cause of ailments and prescribe the necessary treatment.