Allan, 40

Priligy really helps, before I could have sexual act maximal about 1 minute!

Albert, 34

Thanks for fast delivery, this treatment really amazing! I don’t know what I would do without it, thanks to the developers! I love it and gonna use more!!!

Ben, 35

Faced with the problem of premature ejaculation. It really is critical – I had sexual act for 30-45 sec, not more. Dapoxetine is very good. I took on a tablet for 2.5-3 hours before sex (empirically it has been found that it is better not to hurry) – the situation has changed radically.. Now I can really control myself, sex lasts up to 20 minutes.

Angel, 43

I used this drug long time. After two or three months of receiving (1-2 tablets per week) body became strong negative reaction to dapoxetine component – nausea, weakness and fever. I stopped using it for a while. This effect persists for almost half a year. Suffice it to ordinary condoms with anesthetic.

Brad, 28

Ordered pills about 2 months ago. For me, the best option ode to the day and one on the same day before sex. In principle, the problem with a quick silverside already decided. I also used Levitra, erectile problems is not just a member of her remains solid even after finished for a long time and is very hard. Even my girl paid attention to it.

Valley, 29

2 hours before act I took half of a pill. After 30-40 minutes, felt the heat in the face and it became red. Runny nose, headache also. I felt that for 10-15 minutes, that I was very pleased.
Conclusion: The drug is actually prolongs the sexual act, and, in my opinion, really good.

Alex, 34

Frankly, Dapoxetine was initiated to try me. I already wrote why we started experiments. Well here I wanted to try to increase not only the number of times (and sometimes, for example, on vacation, I hit it), but also on the duration. If you previously had a minute or two, then after taking Priligy could long as he wants. The first time we stopped after about 20 minutes.. Recommend it to everyone with PE!