Removal of papillomas

   Qualitative removal of papillomas today enjoys immense popularity due to the fact that modern man wants to medical care has been primarily painless.

removal of papillomas Many people know, some discomfort can cause a variety of tumors on the face and body. All of them, including papilloma, can be removed painlessly, but the treatment must necessarily be carried out in a specialized clinic, and before that should see a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe removal of papillomas, which is a fast and safe operation in most cases.

Why is it necessary to carry out the removal of warts?

Removal of papillomas entails getting rid of the discomfort. A person who has pronounced benign tumors tend to experience severe mental suffering. For example papillomavirus, while in the neck, the face and the hands produce unpleasant impression. In addition, growing, they may cause pain. Another reason for which is assigned to the removal of warts – the risk of transformation of benign tumors to malignant.

   Modern clinic conducted removal of papillomas, appearing, for whatever reason, including in connection with:

  • pregnancy;
  • Moved stress;
  • old age;
  • weakening immunity due to long-term use of drugs;
  • transferred diseases, especially infectious origin;
  • a number of other less common causes.

Modern methods of removing warts

   The main methods by which carried out the removal of warts:

  1. application of an electric current;
  2. laser method;
  3. cryosurgery;
  4. surgical excision.

Removal of papillomas Each method of removing warts has its own characteristics. The disadvantage of surgical excision is that after the small scars remain. After excision is performed histological study particle tumors to determine whether it is benign or whether there is a risk of malignant transformation.

Cryosurgery is overlaying applications of liquid nitrogen to the affected area and is a very popular method. Removal of papillomas by means of electric current – rather effective, but a little more painful procedure, and after the healing it is long.

Removal of papillomas with laser: the benefits

   Laser removal of papillomas particularly popular due to the following advantages:

  • High-performance procedures;
  • the possibility of getting rid of tumors of any depth and any size;
  • method largely eliminates relapses;
  • laser affects only the affected areas without affecting the healthy skin;
  • In addition, removal of papillomas laser minimizes the risk of complications. But remember, this procedure should only be qualified!

The papillomas removal differs from the removal of warts:

Papillomas and warts occur as a result of penetration into the body of the virus from one kind – papillovirusov. But despite this, the morphological structure of these elements is different. Moreover, papillomas danger expressed more – they can ozlokachestvlyatsya ten times more often.

As for the removal of warts and wart removal, it approaches and is otherwise similar. However, some professionals prefer removal of papillomas larger due to the fact that they are often placed on a thin stem that facilitates multiple surgery.