Peeling – one of the main effective ways to combat skin imperfections. His method is simple: there is peeling of the upper layer of the skin, making wrinkles disappear smaller, pimples, scars become less noticeable. There are many types of peeling.

Some species can be performed at home, others are only available in salons. Each species has its own task of peeling and benefits. In interiors offers a variety of types of peel.

  • Not to be trapped, it should first study the information about each of them: Almond peeling face. Used for deep cleaning and get rid of fine wrinkles. Its name was due to the fact that its main component – the acid obtained from bitter almonds. The composition of the peel provides security delicate skin exposure, a minimum of discomfort during the procedure. After it also remains swelling, excessive redness. This option peeling suited to business women who can not sit at home waiting for the recovery of the skin.
  • Jessner Peeling. It allows you to exfoliate the top layers of the skin. Its composition will vary depending on the problem. Among the advantages of the method it is possible to note the effectiveness of the minimum time of healing of the skin after the procedure. This peel can be executed 2 times per year, which is convenient for busy people. More about Jessner peels read here.
  • The gas-liquid peeling. This non-contact nature of the procedure performed by a medical liquid and compressed gas. Peeling gives the skin a smooth, healthy complexion, reduces fine lines, eliminates the traces of pigmentation. It will help get rid of small scars. According to the effects of such peeling can be correlated with lymph drainage massage.
  • Video-liquid peeling face here. Coral peeling face. This is a real nourishing elixir for your skin. In its composition includes rare minerals, vitamins, proteins, acids. Peeling has an antioxidant effect. It is a natural remedy to update the skin, get rid of the signs of aging, pimples.