Myths about gym exercises

People are the most amazing creatures on the planet. Faced with a particular problem, we try to find a solution to it, but if the solution of the problems on the surface, one begins to doubt the correctness of his choice.

Many of us have difficulty with being overweight. Effectively solve this problem is possible by a strict diet, or at the expense of a balanced exercise. Often the diet is associated with severe dietary restrictions. In addition, much will depend on the individual characteristics of your body. On the other hand, you can go to the gym, it’s much easier and more effective in most cases. In addition, there is another advantage in sports, they can do almost anything with a few exceptions. This would seem simple, but in practice it a little differently.

It would seem that the solution is almost accepted, but in this moment people start to doubt. Why is this happening? The answer is trivial, we trust the speculation and rumors that are spreading lazy people, unable to make the right decision.

In this article we will try to debunk some of the myths are very popular, anyway related to the training in the gym.

1. A woman can become a “man”

  • It is believed that engaging in the gym, a woman can be masculine. Some truth in this statement is present, but do not forget about some quite important facts. Similar changes in the majority of cases are associated with taking hormones and extreme physical exertion, which is experiencing the female body. In other words, if you do not plan to engage in professional sports and at the same time to use illegal drugs, you were not in danger.

2. Twisting help get rid of belly fat

  • There is a popular belief, women who want to get rid of small deposits of fat on the abdomen, it is enough to download the press. The reality is a bit more complicated, twisting to help you pump up your abdominals, it does not mean that you get rid of belly fat. In the classic version, the fight against obesity must combine multiple exercises. Be prepared for the fact that you have to draw your attention to aerobics or swimming.

3. Individual lessons are meaningless

  • Many think that one lesson a week, it’s a waste of time, of course, the effectiveness of such training falls sharply, but should look at the issue more widely. Catching up on sports, you lose calories, it’s a natural process. In other words, even a single exercise will help you to make the next step to beauty. Ideally, you want to engage in a minimum of three times a week.

4. Proteins

  • Some people believe that if you are doing in the gym, you just need a protein. Protein supplements used by athletes, that is, people who are professionally engaged in the construction of the body. If you want to throw extra weight, protein supplements you do not need more than that, they can slow down your weight loss.

5. In a healthy body, healthy mind

  • It is believed that people who engage in sports and achieved some success in this, is not susceptible to disease. In fact, this is not true, the disease may be chronic (e.g., diabetes). In the case of diabetes, sport can promote healing, though exercise will help to keep active disease under control.

6. The relationship between muscle and fat

  • Many people mistakenly believe if you stop training, your muscles will turn to fat. This is far from the truth, after the cessation of exercise, the amount of muscle tissue to fall slightly, but this does not mean that the muscles will become fat. It is technically impossible.

7. The final frontier

  • It is believed that after 40 years people fullness. The logic is simple, why do sports and exercise your body, if after a certain age, you inevitably will type weight. It is said that there is a certain milestone, really starts slowing down metabolism, so that a person gains weight. It is a scientific fact, but not a sentence. To avoid this problem, you need to adjust the diet and training regime to reconsider.

8. Excess weight is inherited

  • Indeed, scientists have found that the proportion of truth in this, but do not panic if your close relatives were obese. Exercise and control your diet. This will help you keep in shape at any age.

We hope after you read this article, it will be easier to make the right choice. Remember that sports can help you in the fight against overweight and this is not a myth but a scientifically proven fact.