Inflammation of the ovaries

How to recognize and treat inflammation of the ovaries

What can cause inflammation of the ovaries, as well as any specific symptoms should alert you to the condition.

If you experience pain in the abdomen, immediately consult a gynecologist

If you experience pain in the abdomen, immediately consult a gynecologist shutter stock

In the summer in search of the coveted cool we do is risky. And doing quite deliberately, and then remember my mother’s, grandmother’s mandates: “Do not sit on the cold!”, “Do not go on the cold ground!”, “If it hurts, do not tolerate!” … We recall, have in mind, and … once again remember already on the way to the gynecologist when endure nagging pain there are no forces. The originator of this retrospective – oophoritis (is not it, poetic name?) Or insidious inflammation of the ovaries.

How to recognize it quickly and take on the parting measures unpleasant symptoms?

Women’s World

Women’s health is very sensitive not only to infection, hypothermia, but also to the mood. Therefore, inflammation of the ovaries – the mass of the causes and reasons:

Hypothermia, why there is a spasm (constriction) of the blood vessels, and mucous membranes of ovarian tissue inflammation react.

  • Infection to the damage (attenuation) immunity. This is often the reason – a consequence of the first. The fact that the microflora of the intimate zone “side by side” and the beneficial microbes, and opportunistic (in other words, bad), and so, it is necessary to establish the latest conditions (eg, hypothermia) – and they begin particularly active fruitful and multiply. Infectious agents may be E. coli and tuberculosis, staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, a variety of genital infections.
  • “Neighboring” inflammation in the body (appendicitis, enterocolitis and colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.).
    Mechanical damage (with surgical intervention, or even the wrong introduction intrauterine device).
    Non-specific factors – fatigue, stress, emotional overload, fasting (hello, unloading days and a strict diet!).

It is time to sound the alarm?

  • The answer to this question will give … the main symptoms of oophoritis. The most characteristic – pain in the abdomen, in the uterus, extending to the perineum, in the lumbar and sacral.
  • The pain can be amplified when colds, fatigue, presence of other diseases (eg, gastritis or acute respiratory disease). Of course, this inflammation leads to insomnia, irritability, fatigue, reduced efficiency. In the worst case (if the disease starts) the availability of the source of inflammation leads to painful menstruation, profuse discharge, including mucous and pus, frequent urination, bloating, fever and other related troubles. It is clear that about any pleasure from sex life.