How to get rid of the bags of paint on the cheeks?

With age, faced with all lot of skin problems. One of those annoying defects are painting bags under the eyes. What is it and how to get rid of them?

One of the reasons why women are not always able to keep youth and beauty of face – painting bags on the cheeks and under the eyes. Formed bags, zygomatic or hernia in the nasolacrimal groove or in the area of ​​the lower eyelid. To understand how to get rid of paint bags, determine their causes.

What are the painting bags?

This cosmetic problem is largely due to heredity and structural features of the skin, because it can manifest itself in childhood. But more often it is aggravated during the age-related changes of the body when the skin loses its elasticity.

  • Painting malar bags – clearly defined folds of skin filled with fatty tissue.
  • Paint bag has a lower boundary of a clear, consisting of semicircular connective tissue-web. Jumper separates defective from the cheeks and keeps fat tissue from slipping.
  • Until in the cheekbones and cheeks enough volume groove is released slightly, but gradually under its own weight lost skin tone and tissue begins to hang over the bunch.
  • In terms of cosmetic patients concerned about two aspects of the problem:
    furrow, deepening deeper and deeper;
  • the amount of fat, which, being in a static state, begins to swell, turn blue, inflamed.

Causes of bags of paint on the cheeks are rarely associated with the clinical picture of any disease, so eliminated in specialized outpatient clinics or salons. However, the process oа formation of a defect – a multi-component, and therefore requires a comprehensive solution.

Get rid of the bags of paint in several ways, by means of:

  1. thermolifting;
  2. blepharoplasty;
  3. lymphatic drainage massage.

Termolifting – laser effect on the accumulation of adipose tissue as a result of which it is condensed, it loses looseness and absorbs less water, and its surrounding skin is tightened and visually conceals the defect.

Perhaps the most effective and radical way to get rid of paint bags is blepharoplasty. This operation is a plastic lower eyelids, in which fatty deposits in the so called “bag” is removed by a small incision. After complete healing of surgical intervention is absolutely imperceptible.

Lymphatic drainage massage, manual or hardware, is conducted on the ways of lymph drainage. The pulses are supplied to the lymph nodes face and neck, relax the muscles, forcing them to actively decline lead to a natural smoothing the skin after removal of fat cells.