Fungal diseases of the feet

Fungal diseases of the feet

Fungal infection is a parasite that inhabits a moist environment. At the energy level, the foot fungus shows you that there are people in your life who are pulling your forces or manipulating your kindness.

You are “bred on emotions” (moisture is a symbol of tears), they use you for their own purposes, not feeling sincere feelings towards you and not recognizing your merits.

The accompanying skin detachment can indicate your helplessness, loss of energy – “you are like naked” in this situation. Skin accretions and thickening of the nails signal about your desire to protect yourself.

If the fungus is localized under the fingers – this is a problem in dealing with the closest environment.

Recommendations: If you want to get rid of foot fungus diseases once and for all, analyze your relationships with people and stop talking with “energy vampires” (endless complainants, critics, brawlers).

Also, it is important to stop caring about what others think about you. Enough for everyone to please and seek the recognition of other people, to prove their “good”.

Take your dignity and achievements yourself, learn to rely on yourself and independently promote your ideas. Find a supportive environment of like-minded people and communicate with them for your pleasure.

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Foot pain: fungal diseases of the feet

Warts are a viral infection that causes unpleasant looking, and sometimes painful, growths on the skin.

Warts are associated with something disgusting, for example, toads or old witches from fairy tales.

This gives us a clue of the occurrence of warts – they appear when a person does not take something in themselves. It can be a shame for their actions, rejection of love or sexuality, low self-esteem of their personality.

Recommendations: We advise you to honestly analyze what you are rejecting in yourself. What do you consider your unworthy manifestations of character or flaws in appearance? Why are you ashamed before yourself or others?

Try to adjust these features. Perhaps you need to work on the appearance or go to a psychologist for psycho-emotional elaboration of rejected feelings.

Strengthen acceptance and love for yourself or seek support from close people.

Foot pain: Warts

Spurs on the heels
The deposition of salts on the sole occurs when a person is inactive in life. They indicate that you have “grown to the ground” and do not develop in any important area for yourself.

Thus, the spurs on the heels seem to urge you to move forward towards your goal.

Recommendations: Identify the source of fear, which slows you down and makes you stand still. Decide what is more important to you – imaginary stability (because in the world it does not happen in principle) or the desired self-realization – and act!

Disease of the feet: Spurs on the heels

Dry calluses and coarse skin

Both these symptoms are accompanied by a loss of skin sensitivity. This indicates a desire to protect themselves from abusers or a potentially dangerous situation.

In this case, the yellowish color of the hardened skin indicates internal insecurity, and the reddish color indicates accumulated and pent-up anger.

Corns on the fingers mean that you hide your thoughts and ideas from others, fearing misunderstanding. On the heels – problems in the family (you do not consider your house a safe place).

If the hardened skin is also cracking – it means a limit. The situation gives you pain that you can no longer tolerate.

Recommendations: Listen to your inner voice. Confess honestly, from what life problems or people you “build up shell”? Try to change the situation or get out of it.

When you create a safe living environment, a sign of improvement will be the painless exfoliation of the coarse skin and the softness of the feet.

Foot pain: dry calluses and coarse skin

Excessive sweating of the feet

The sweat glands are regulated by your nervous system. Excessive release of sweat, respectively, speaks of her emotional overstrain.

It happens if you live in fear, or keep in yourself anger or sadness.

Also, an unpleasant smell of sweat can talk about your getting into a delicate (“bad-smelling”) situation.

Recommendations: We advise you to be released in time from the constrained feelings, especially anger. Accept yourself and the world as you are.

Do the necessary actions to create a “safety cushion” for yourself, learn to protect yourself.

At the same time, accept the fact that the world is sometimes unpredictable. But if you trust yourself, you can live without fear.

Get recommendations for building trust yourself. Using these recommendations, you will feel more confident in making decisions, you will learn to understand your intuition.