Discharge from the urethra

Discharge from the urethra

In a healthy person in a state of sexual arousal may experience discharge from the urethra, they represent a small amount of secretion glands – a colorless liquid. This phenomenon is considered to be completely normal and should not cause concern. Any other selection is a pathology, a sign of inflammation of the urogenital system.

Types and classification of urethral discharge

Purulent discharge from the urethra. There often. There may be differences in composition, color, number. Most noticeable in the morning, when there is the first urination after an overnight break. Always a symptom of the fact that the body is an inflammatory process. Accurate diagnosis can only be a doctor through a special analysis: from the mucosa taken mikrososkob then conducted a microscopic examination.

Spotting (blood appearing without urination). This phenomenon is called urethremorrhagia. It is usually a symptom of mechanical trauma or of any tumors.

Sperm Extraction (characteristic whitish fluid) at the end of urination or defecation (outside the state of erection) – called spermatorrhea. Doctor prescribes a microscopic examination of materials. If sperm are found, it is a symptom of inflammatory processes in the seminal vesicles (vesicles) or seed tubercle (kollikulit). In cases of trauma and spinal cord injury can occur spermatorrhea continuous nature. Spermatorrhoea has nothing to do with pollution. Pollutions – a healthy physiological phenomenon, accompanied by pleasant sensations.

  • When defecation or urination can be released secretory fluid from the prostate gland. It prostatoreya that arises as a result of inflammation of excretory ducts of the prostate gland. The diagnosis also is made by microscopic examination of biomaterials – they are usually present amyloid corpuscles lecithin and corn, but there is no sperm. Prostatoreya is a symptom of chronic prostatitis.
  • Discharge from the urethra can also be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases. In various diseases they have different outward signs. In patients with gonorrhea observed copious purulent discharge with mucus. In patients with chlamydia are barely visible, transparent. Thus in men suffering from trichomoniasis, is not observed at all.

Diagnosis of the disease

It is important to remember that any discharge from the urethra (of course, in addition to the physiological) – an occasion consult a doctor immediately. Consultation urologist and Venereology is necessary to timely detect the disease and prescribe the correct treatment regimen. Self-treatment is unacceptable, it can only lead to a worsening of the disease, the transition of the disease into a chronic, intractable form.

The following diagnostics can be used as addition to microscopic examination of mucosal tissue:

  • Bakposev. Often appointed with antibiogram to determine what kinds of sensitive patient antibiotics, it will appoint the appropriate medication.
  • Extended Diagnostics. It consists of a combination of various methods of investigation – enzyme immunoassay immunoflyuorostsentsii, diagnostic PCR. A combination of several methods usually brings the best results, because it helps to identify hidden infection.

Treatment of the disease

The treatment may be administered only by a physician on the basis of test results. In the case of infectious diseases – treatment is necessary, and all sexual partners of the patient.

How to protect yourself from being infected?

It should be remembered that the immunity against urogenital infections is not generated, so there is always the risk of recurrent infections. You must abstain from casual sex. Use only your personal items. periodic preventive examination and consultation urologist also shown.