Back pain

Back pain – one of the most common pain syndromes with which to seek medical help from a doctor. In one form or another from 80% to 98% of the world population suffer or occasionally suffer pain in the back.

Most often, the symptom occurs in socially active part of the population between 25 and 49 years of life, are affected more often men than women (2.1: 1). Among this group are subject to greater risk of persons actively engaged in stereotypical heavy physical labor with sedentary office workers.


There are many reasons for the development of pain in the back. First we need to establish what is the nature of this symptom.

In such cases are distinguished:

  • Local pain, which is often a constant nagging or acute diffuse character, can change its severity depending on the position of the body. Most often associated with the development of the pathological focus (trauma, bruises, etc.);
  • The reflected pain, which develops as a result of the disease state of the internal organs (various acute and chronic diseases (eg, pancreatitis, radiating pain in the spine and the left lateral region of the back;. Myocardial infarction or angina pectoris, which may be manifested by pain in the left shoulder blade and spine, etc. e) A abdominal, pelvic, retroperitoneal space (renal colic)).;
  • Radicular (radicular) pain in the back, which develops when the infringement, compression, edema of the nerve roots exiting the spinal cord. These back pain is most often pronounced, intense, paroxysmal; pain varies with the position of the body (different intercostal cervico – (neck), Torak – (thoracic spine), lyumb -. and sakroalgii (waist and lower back) Such pain often have surrounding one-sided (intervertebral hernia, tumors with compression of the nerve roots , osteochondrosis);
  • Myofascial pain, are associated with the local stress or disease of the back muscles (myositis, etc.);
    Psychogenic (primary or secondary), back pain, which are characterized by a fixed localization, their intensity remains constant when changing the position of the body;
  • In a separate group include pain during pregnancy. Increased body weight, changes in skeletal lead to pain in the back, at the same time, such a pain can be confused with contractions (drawing, different intensity of pain in the lower back and sacrum).

INDICATIVE FEATURES back pain at some diseases

In diseases of the internal organs: a combination of back pain (in the middle and lower back, right or left of the spine), nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, indigestion, stress abdominal muscles on palpation.

In diseases of the heart – are also possible shortness of breath, weakness, pain in the heart, drop in blood pressure. Pain often localized in the left side of the back, under the shoulder blade, in the left arm.

In renal colic and kidney disease: back pain will often pull, Expander character (glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis), combined with high body temperature and changes in urine color or cut, periodicals, “raking” in the lower abdomen, combined with impaired urination kidney colic.

In any case, the appearance of back pain should seek medical attention to rule out or confirm the underlying disease (surgeon, physician).