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Pain in the joints

Pain in the joints (arthralgia) – One of the most common signs of lesions of bones and joints of the body. Most often, arthralgia may be the only symptom, which reflects the presence of an abnormality in the joint tissues (immunological or biochemical irreversible changes). However, in some cases, joint pain may be associated with diseases of bones and joints, and be the result of severe toxicity or nervous system diseases. Continue Reading

Baths and bathing

If you are among the fans baths and bathing in it regularly, our article is for you is unlikely to be informative. But if you are new to “sauna business” and want to know all the mysteries and secrets of the correct steam, then we are happy to reveal them in our today’s publication. Continue Reading

Teeth health

Today, we will understand how to keep your teeth healthy. In fact, it’s simple. All that has to do with the health of the teeth, just applies to the entire health of the organism as a whole. After all, if a person unhealthy teeth, their condition is only an indicator of the general poor health of the whole organism. Continue Reading

Myths about gym exercises

People are the most amazing creatures on the planet. Faced with a particular problem, we try to find a solution to it, but if the solution of the problems on the surface, one begins to doubt the correctness of his choice. Continue Reading