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Discharge from the urethra

Discharge from the urethra

In a healthy person in a state of sexual arousal may experience discharge from the urethra, they represent a small amount of secretion glands – a colorless liquid. This phenomenon is considered to be completely normal and should not cause concern. Any other selection is a pathology, a sign of inflammation of the urogenital system. Continue Reading


Hydrocele (as it is called “hydrocele”) – a cluster of large amounts of fluid between the inner and outer (parietal) leaf shell eggs. Tunica vaginalis (it is part of the peritoneum more time spent with the fetus in the womb) produces a fluid that serves as a kind of lubricant for the full movement of the testicle. In this disease the body’s lymphatic functions are broken apparatus, the resulting liquid is not absorbed and gradually begins to accumulate. Continue Reading

Functional disorders of posture

Functional disorders of posture.

Types of violations, the specific features and methods of their correction.

Functional disorders of posture may be associated with different causes. The most common cause is a violation of muscle imbalance. The fact that in ordinary condition our muscles are in a background voltage in order to fix bone levers to which they are attached. Under certain pathological conditions, such as the habit is wrong to sit, walk, stand there a muscular imbalance, t. E. The value of different muscle tension and if these muscles are controlled by one arm bone, it leads to a change in body position and posture so-called functional disorders. Continue Reading

Inflammation of the ovaries

How to recognize and treat inflammation of the ovaries

What can cause inflammation of the ovaries, as well as any specific symptoms should alert you to the condition.

If you experience pain in the abdomen, immediately consult a gynecologist

If you experience pain in the abdomen, immediately consult a gynecologist shutter stock Continue Reading


Peeling – one of the main effective ways to combat skin imperfections. His method is simple: there is peeling of the upper layer of the skin, making wrinkles disappear smaller, pimples, scars become less noticeable. There are many types of peeling. Continue Reading


Osteoporosis – bone disease, the essence of which is to change the structure and strength of bone tissue. Translated from the Latin word for word osteoporosis designates bone loss. Without proper treatment, the disease can lead to serious complications and disability.
Osteoporosis is common throughout the world is approximately the same. No countries where there were no patients with a diagnosis. Most often, the disease affects women after 45 years. On average, one in four suffers from this disease after menopause. Men get sick 4-5 times less. It also occurs in children, but much less frequently. Continue Reading

Back pain

Back pain – one of the most common pain syndromes with which to seek medical help from a doctor. In one form or another from 80% to 98% of the world population suffer or occasionally suffer pain in the back. Continue Reading