Pain in the joints

Pain in the joints (arthralgia) – One of the most common signs of lesions of bones and joints of the body. Most often, arthralgia may be the only symptom, which reflects the presence of an abnormality in the joint tissues (immunological or biochemical irreversible changes). However, in some cases, joint pain may be associated with diseases of bones and joints, and be the result of severe toxicity or nervous system diseases.

In some cases, the term may imply arthralgia pain in the joints, which are not accompanied by pathological changes in the joint (with intoxication, lesion of the nerve trunks, etc.). In such cases there is no other manifestations of joint damage (redness surrounding tissue edema, breach of joint function).


Currently, joint pain can be divided into several groups.

For the duration of pain:

  1. Constant;
  2. Short;
  3. Episodic.


  1. Arthralgia large joints (hip, knee, shoulder);
  2. Arthralgia medium joints (elbow, ankle, wrist);
  3. Pain in small joints (joints of hands, feet).

By the number of affected joints:

  1. Monoartralgiya (a joint disease);
  2. Oligoartralgiya (loss of multiple joints);
  3. Poliartalgiya (loss of 3 or more joints).

For reasons of occurrence:

  1. Actually joint diseases (trauma, osteoarthritis, ligament damage to the device and others.);
  2. As a symptom of other diseases (. Rheumatoid arthritis, collagen diseases, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, etc.) in the development of which involves the bones and joints;
  3. The manifestation of systemic toxicity (for viral infections, bacterial diseases, accompanied by severe intoxication);
  4. As a result of lengthy and inadequate physical activities (particularly young people);
  5. As a manifestation of the side effects of some medical conditions (lincomycin, etc..), Or increased sensitivity to weather change (meteopaticheskie arthralgia).

By the nature of joint pain:

Acute (up to several hours), subacute (from a week up to 1 month) and chronic (more than one month);
Localized or “bat” (constantly changing in the process of localization of the pain of the disease);
According to subjective feelings of the patient: a burning, sharp, cutting, arching, squeezing, tearing and others.

According to a primary lesion of the joints:

  1. limb joints (reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, and others.);
  2. The joints of the spine and pelvis (seronegative spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis, and others.);
  3. Joints thorax (Tietze syndrome, etc.);
  4. Combined damage of the joints of several regions (rheumatoid arthritis, collagen diseases and other autoimmune diseases).

It should be noted that a separate joint disease stereotypically (swelling, redness, pain, impaired function) and has exceptional value. In the diagnosis of diseases of the joints is important history of the disease (time of onset of symptoms, the procedure of joint damage and types of joints, the presence of concomitant diseases or information on ported to this infection, family burdened, precipitating factors, and hazard, the presence before similar symptoms, prior treatment and the effect of it, etc.), laboratory diagnosis and nature of the lesion (localization, quantity, flow) of bones and joints.

With the appearance of pain in the joints it is necessary to consult a surgeon or physician.