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The use of silver for human health

The use of silver for human health

Three doubt, many have heard of the benefits of silver for human health. Even in churches, when a baby is baptized, a silver cross is always given.

Also very often children get a present which is a silver spoon. All this is not just for fun. Silver, which is the second most precious metal, does not yield to the beauty of gold, and even more so on the benefits for human health. Continue Reading

Blood cancer

Can blood cancer be determined?

Investigation of direct diagnosis for oncology.

A blood test can signal that an organism is in an imbalance, and additional checks are needed to determine the exact cause of the event.
Changes in indicators can cause the transferred illness, the presence of bad habits, pregnancy. It is important in time to see the change in blood composition in a particular person.

Therefore, before determining the cancer by blood, the specialist will analyze the individual characteristics and will assign a refining examination. Continue Reading