Browse Month: September 2016

Dossier on the disease: cervical cancer

It threatens to sexual initiation to 16 years, who had replaced more than 5 sexual partners and those who despise proper nutrition

The incidence of cervical cancer up to 30 over the past 10 years has grown several times. Linked an indicator of early onset of sexual activity (16 years) and with frequent change of sexual partners. Why is that? Up to 16 years of local immunity in the body of the girl has not yet been formed, and it can not fully to repel infections and, in particular, human papilloma virus (HPV). This insidious HPV (namely its 16 th and 18 th class) triggers cervical cancer and sexually transmitted. Another is a proven risk factor for cervical cancer – excessive faithfulness (more than 5 partners in life), because the irresponsible sex increases the chance to meet with HPV. In addition, you can not delete from the list of provocateurs heredity and smoking. After all, even though it is proved that any form of cancer affects the genetics, but to a greater extent the risk of such a diagnosis depends on the lifestyle and immunity. Continue Reading

Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas

Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas

The main symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation of pancreas, even in the present conditions is a huge problem, which can be solved only by joint efforts of the patient and his relatives and qualified doctors (surgeons or gastroenterologists). Without careful attention to their own health, you can run the pathological process to the state in which the only effective treatment becomes an immediate surgical intervention, and no doctor will be able to ensure its successful outcome. Continue Reading