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Removal of papillomas

   Qualitative removal of papillomas today enjoys immense popularity due to the fact that modern man wants to medical care has been primarily painless.

removal of papillomas Many people know, some discomfort can cause a variety of tumors on the face and body. All of them, including papilloma, can be removed painlessly, but the treatment must necessarily be carried out in a specialized clinic, and before that should see a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe removal of papillomas, which is a fast and safe operation in most cases. Continue Reading

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases: the essence, prevention and treatment

sexually transmitted diseases Sexually transmitted disease – are diseases that are transmitted, usually through sexual contact. In society there is a perception that the venereal disease – the lot of only those people who are antisocial lifestyle (drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless and prostitutes). But, as practice shows, among patients vendispanser many people of different social status and financial position. Continue Reading

Genital infections

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genital infections Genital infections (or STIs) – are diseases that are mainly transmitted through sexual contact. They isolated a group of sexually transmitted diseases (such as syphilis or gonorrhea). Other genital infections can be transmitted in other ways: direct contact, parenteral, vertical. Continue Reading

Discharge from the urethra

Discharge from the urethra

In a healthy person in a state of sexual arousal may experience discharge from the urethra, they represent a small amount of secretion glands – a colorless liquid. This phenomenon is considered to be completely normal and should not cause concern. Any other selection is a pathology, a sign of inflammation of the urogenital system. Continue Reading


Hydrocele (as it is called “hydrocele”) – a cluster of large amounts of fluid between the inner and outer (parietal) leaf shell eggs. Tunica vaginalis (it is part of the peritoneum more time spent with the fetus in the womb) produces a fluid that serves as a kind of lubricant for the full movement of the testicle. In this disease the body’s lymphatic functions are broken apparatus, the resulting liquid is not absorbed and gradually begins to accumulate. Continue Reading