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Priligy is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Priligy side effects


Priligy is unique of its kind in preparation for the decision of problems with premature ejaculation (PE), which negatively affects the sexual relations.

Original drug Dapoxetine, developed by Johnson & Johnson Company, has been widely studied and successfully tested at more than 5,000 men, and today Priligy is a safe and effective method of treatment of the problem of premature ejaculate in men in the age of from 18 till 64 years.

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In our Internet-shop you can buy Priligy, which according to the composition and therapeutic properties of fully corresponds to the original drug, but much cheaper. Generic Dapoxetine Priligy produced in India in the pharmaceutical enterprises, the production of which meets the standards of the world Health Organization, which guarantees high quality of the product.

Priligy medicine is used to solve problems with PE the men from 18 years of age. There are contraindications. Talk to your doctor. It is released without the recipe.

Priligy available in the form of round tablets, film-coated and packed in a blister. In one blister contains 10 tablets in one tablet contains 60 mg Dapoxetine – the main active substance.

Numerous studies have shown that 20-30% of men are faced with the problem of premature ejaculate, at some time in their sexual life. The revolutionary preparation Priligy designed to help men to find feeling of full control over an ejaculation, to cope with an unpleasant problem of a premature ejaculation and, certainly, to return pleasure and pleasures from sex.

Priligy contains active substance called Dapoxetine, which increases the serotonin level (natural chemical substances) in men’s body that allows you to slow down the process of occurrence of ejaculate.

Priligy allows you to increase the feeling of control over process and the time of the occurrence of the ejaculate. In the process of receiving Priligy medicine, the increase in time before an ejaculation leads to strengthening of feeling of control over an ejaculation. The feeling of control over the situation promotes reduction of feeling of disappointment and trouble on a premature ejaculation and increase in satisfaction with sexual intercourse, comprising your partner.

Effects from taking Priligy:

  • - the increase in the time before the onset of ejaculate;
  • - increase of the sense of control over the process of ejaculate;
  • - decrease anxiety associated with (PE);
  • - increase of feeling of satisfaction from the sexual act.

Some men may feel the Priligy effect after the first dose, while for others will need to take the tablets several times to feel the full effect of the medicine. The impact and effect of the use of Priligy can be different and depends on such factors as age, psychological and physical state. Read the testimonials from our clients that the drug really helped to deal with their problem.

The pill Priligy take in 1-3 hours prior to planning sexual activity, but no more than 1 time per day. Action of a preparation lasts approximately within 12 hours and further is quickly brought out of an organism. The tablet should be taken inside, squeezed enough water pill you can drink as at the time of the adoption of the food, both with and without food.

Do not take Priligy, if your body is dehydrated – in case you do not drink liquids for the last 4-6 hours, or you were sweating after sauna or exercise. Do not take a pill, if you have a high temperature, diarrhea, or do you feel sick. At taking of tablets also it is necessary to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages as alcohol only will strengthen Priligy side effects.

Recommended starting dose for taking is 30mg at a time, and then the dosage can be increased to 60mg at a time. You must remember that the correct dosage and a course of taking of Priligy, to you the expert therefore if you faced a problem of a premature ejaculation can appoint only, surely consult with the doctor. The increased dose won’t increase effect of a preparation, but can cause strengthening of Priligy side effects or even worsen their severity.

As with all medications, Generic Priligy may cause side effects in some people. The most common Priligy side effects comprise headache, dizziness and nausea, which is not usually pronounced and after a while. In rare cases, it may be faint. Avoid driving by the car or performance of labor-consuming operations if you feel giddy.

Don’t take Priligy if:

  1. - if You have allergies to Dapoxetine or other components of Priligy;
  2. - You’ve heart problems, such as cardiac rhythm problems or heart failure;
  3. - You’ve moderate or severe liver function disorders;
  4. - if You’re taking medical agents for the treatment of migraine and depression, narcotic.

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